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Consumer's demand for ethical business practices has heightened dramatically since the advent of social media.

Trusting, transparent, authentic, socially and environmentally responsible business practices are fundamental to the expectations of Gen X,Y & Millennials. And they continue to call for more; especially since the expansion of business Globalisation.


Consumers continue to demand  companies engage an authentic and honest commitment to the environment (which we call Eco~Nomics) and possess a social conscience for the environment and the welfare of others in the local and global community, also known as Conscious Capitalism and The Triple Bottom Line. They  want to love their brands for what they deliver to market and stand for ethically, to feel approved by their peer group for having made a considered consumer purchase and to be worthied by the brand for their custom and loyalty.


As we know, businesses must align their social and ethical values with the expectations of their target market, as today's consumers are empowered to shape the world via social media platforms and purchasing decisions. However, where once token corporate gestures 'ticked a box', savvy Gen Y and the Millennials want to see authentic action and meaningful results from the business world.


"Your challenges are our motivation for the genesis of powerful change and positive evolution".

At Innovation Management we co-create cultural platforms, business frameworks, creative themes and interactions for community and consumer engagement. We consult in the areas of:

Community Engagement

  Socially Responsible Business Practices

  Altruistic Consumerism

  Conscious Capitalism


Triple Bottom Line